Station 41009 - Search and Rescue Data

CANAVERAL 20 NM East of Cape Canaveral, FL
28.508 N 80.185 W (28°30'27" N 80°11'6" W)

Right whales are active off FL from November to April. Speed restrictions of 10 knots apply to vessels 65 feet or greater in specific areas and times along the U.S. East Coast. It is illegal to approach right whales within 500 yards. To learn more about right whales and rules protecting them, go to:

Average surface winds - six hour block.

Date (UTC) Average
Wind Dir
Wind Spd
Air Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Water Temp.
2023-12-04 1200Z28110203974207920
2023-12-04 0600Z19093621777367936
2023-12-04 0000Z21623521577357935
2023-12-03 1800Z23993631976367935
2023-12-03 1200Z234113641975367936
2023-12-03 0600Z198153641777367936
2023-12-03 0000Z173133441679347933
2023-12-02 1800Z176103641779367936
2023-12-02 1200Z152113651578367735
2023-12-02 0600Z15093651678367736
2023-12-02 0000Z148113551878357735
2023-12-01 1800Z161123661778367735
2023-12-01 1200Z143113651977367734
2023-12-01 0600Z131123641875357835
2023-12-01 0000Z95133331674337830
2023-11-30 1800Z112103621872367834
2023-11-30 1200Z93103631771367934
2023-11-30 0600Z353133631769357935
2023-11-30 0000Z349133531869358035
2023-11-29 1800Z347133631768368034
2023-11-29 1200Z346153641866368036

The six-hour averages are calculated as follows:

  • The 0000Z average uses data from 2100Z to 0259Z.
  • The 0600Z average uses data from 0300Z to 0859Z.
  • The 1200Z average uses data from 0900Z to 1459Z.
  • The 1800Z average uses data from 1500Z to 2059Z.

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