Effective Sunday, March 17, 2024, the National Weather Service National Data Buoy Center will discontinue its Dial-A-Buoy Interactive Voice Response system. For more information, see Service Change Notice 24-06 (PDF).

Maintenance Schedule

Station Maintenance Schedule, updated February 22, 2024

NOTE: Outage correction visits may happen earlier, when they can be combined with other regularly scheduled maintenance. Unsuitable weather does cause schedule changes.

StationEarliest Service VisitOperation
21413May 2024Service
21414May 2024Service
21415May 2024Service
21416May 2024Service
21419May 2024Service
41001Vis Recon Requested
41001April 2024Service
41010May 2024Deployment
41013April 2024Service
41041Deferred 2024
41043March 2024Service
41048April 2024Recovery
41420March 2024Service
41421March 2024Service
42003Deferred 2024
42012May 2024Service
42020May 2024Deployment
42035May 2024Deployment
42036May 2024Service
42039Deferred 2024
42040Deferred 2024
42055May 2024Service
42056May 2024Service
42059March 2024Service
42407March 2024Service
42409May 2024Service
43412March 2024Service
43413Vis Recon Request
43413March 2024Service
44007April 2024Service
44008April 2024Service
44011Vis Recon Requested
44011April 2024Service
44013April 2024Service
44017Deferred 2024
44018Deferred 2024
44025April 2024Service
44027April 2024Service
44066Deferred 2024
44402April 2024Service
44403April 2024Service
45001Spring deployment Prep
45002Spring deployment Prep
45003Spring deployment Prep
45004Spring deployment Prep
45005Spring deployment Prep
45006Spring deployment Prep
45007Spring deployment Prep
45008Spring deployment Prep
45012Spring deployment Prep
46002September 2024Deployment
46012Deferred 2024
46015September 2024Deployment
46025May 2024Service
46026June 2024Service
46027June 2024Service
46029March 2024Deployment
46029March 2024Service to repair & restore data.
46035Vis Recon Requested
46035May 2024Service
46042Conduct hull exchange and mooring replacement.
46042June 2024Recovery
46061April 2024Service
46066April 2024Recovery
46069June 2024Recovery
46071Overflt Recon
46071May 2024Service
46072April 2024Service
46073May 2024Service
46080Vis Recon Requested
46080April 2024Service
46081Deferred 2024
46084April 2024Service
46089September 2024Deployment
46402April 2024Service
46403April 2024Service
46407September 2024Deployment
46408April 2024Service
46409April 2024Service
46410April 2024Service
46411June 2024Service
46413April 2024Service
46414April 2024Service
46419April 2024Service
51000September 2024Service
51001September 2024Service
51002September 2024Service
51003September 2024Service
51004September 2024Service
51006August 2024Deployment
51007August 2024Service
51008August 2024Service
51009August 2024Service
51010July 2024Service
51011August 2024Service
51014August 2024Service
51015August 2024Recovery
51016August 2024Service
51017August 2024Service
51101Deferred 2024
51303July 2024Service
51304July 2024Service
51305July 2024Service
51306July 2024Service
51309July 2024Service
51311August 2024Service
51425July 2024Service
52001June 2024Service
52002June 2024Service
52003June 2024Service
52004June 2024Service
52006June 2024Service
52007June 2024Service
52310July 2024Service
52311July 2024Service
52312July 2024Service
52315July 2024Service
52315July 2024Service
52321June 2024Service
52401May 2024Service
52402June 2024Service
52405May 2024Service
52406June 2024Service

Please note that this page concerns major service of stations operated by NDBC. Service of other sensor outages on other NDBC stations may take place on the way to these major service events. Not all stations on the web site are operated by NDBC. If an outage is not listed here, please check the station page. A link for the owner/operator will take you to their web site. Questions about non-NDBC station outages should be addressed to those operators.

More details about NDBC station status can be viewed in the "Remarks" sections of the NDBC Platform Status Report.