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May 13,2019 - May 20,2019


Percent of Data Disseminated in Real Time

StationHull No./Config and LocationLocation Lat/LongWind SpeedWind DirectionSea Level PressureWave HeightDominant Period Air TempWater TempDew PointRemark
41001*3DV17 (SC) East Hatteras34.50N 72.52W10010010010010010094100
41002*3D59 (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) (SC) South Hatteras31.60N 74.77WSSSSSSSSBuoy adrift 05/07/19. All released data stopped.
41004*3DV41 (SC) Edisto32.50N 79.08W1001001009999S97SAir temperature data sporadic 02/09/19. Dew point data failed 02/27/19.
41008*3D36 (AM) Grays Reef31.40N 80.87W9999999999999999
41009*3DV25 (SC) Canaveral28.50N 80.18W100100100100100100S100Water temperature data missing since 07/21/18.
41010*3DV44 (SC) Canaveral East28.87N 78.48W100100100959510095100
41013*3DV21 (SC) Frying Pan Shoals, Nc (buoy)33.43N 77.73W1001001009999100S100Water temperature data missing 4/18/19.
41025*3DV15 (SC) Diamond Shoals34.93N 75.53WSSSSSSSSBuoy went adrift 12/21/18. All released data stopped.
41040*3DV23 (SC) North Equatorial One14.55N 53.03W10010010010010010094100
41041*3DV56 (SC) North Equatorial Two14.30N 46.08W10010010010010010090100
41043*3D51 (SC) Ne Puerto Rico21.12N 64.82W10010010010010010094100
41044*3DV49 (SC) Ne St Martin21.57N 58.62W10010010010010010096100
41046*3DV51 (SC) East Bahamas23.82N 68.38W10010010010010010091100Wave data missing 4/27/19.
41047*3DV42 (SC) N.e. Bahamas27.50N 71.48W10010010010010010090100
41048*3DV66 (SC) West Bermuda31.85N 69.55W10010010010010010098100
41049*3D56 (SC) South Bermuda27.48N 62.93W1001001009999129712Air temperature and dewpoint data missing 6/20/18.
42001*2.3D01 (SC) Mid Gulf25.88N 89.67WSSSSSSSSBuoy went adrift 9/22/18, all released data stopped.
42002*3D74 (AR) West Gulf26.08N 93.75W99999999999999SDewpoint data failed 11/7/18.
42003*3D58 (SC) East Gulf25.92N 85.60WSSSSSSSSTransmissions stopped 03/24/19.
42012*3DV10 (SC) Orange Beach, Al30.05N 87.55W13S13100100SSSData intermittent. Water temperature failed 3/13/18. Wind direction, air temperature and dewpoint data intermittent 02/26/19. Barometer data intermittent.
42019*3DV63 (SC) Freeport, Tx27.90N 95.35W10010010010010010096100Water Temperature intermittent.
42020*3DV28 (SC) Corpus Christi, Tx26.97N 96.68W10010010010010010094100Dewpoint intermittent 1/3/19.
42035*3D05 (SC) Galveston, Tx29.22N 94.40W10010010099991009779Dewpoint data is intermittent.
42036*3D37 (AR) West Tampa28.50N 84.50WSSSSSSSSNo transmits due to power failure 11/24/17.
42039*3DV24 (AM) Pensacola28.78N 86.00WSSSSSSSSNo transmissions since 10/10/18. Buoy impacted by Hurricane Michael.
42040*2.4D05 (SC) Luke Offshore Test Platform29.20N 88.22W1001001009999NSNAir temperature and dewpoint data missing 04/19/18. Water temperature data ceased 12/18/18.
42055*3DV11 (SC) Bay Of Campeche22.12N 93.93W10098100100100989598Pressure, Wind Direction, Air Temperature and Dew Point data reporting intermittently since 2/5/19.
42056*3DV46 (SC) Yucatan Basin19.92N 84.93WRRRRRRRRBuoy recovered to port 09/25/18.
42057*3DV53 (SC) Western Caribbean16.90N 81.42W100100100100100100S100Water Temp data ceased 08/21/18.
42058*3DV48 (SC) Central Caribbean14.77N 74.57W100100100999910097100
42059*3DV27 (SC) Eastern Caribbean Sea15.25N 67.48W10010010010010010090100
42060*3D02 (SC) Caribbean Valley16.40N 63.35W100100100999910097100
44005*3DV16 (AM) Gulf Of Maine43.20N 69.12WSS1010101010SPeriods of transmission outages due to power issues since 9/17/17. Dewpoint data failed 2/20/17. Wind data failed 2/6/17.
44007*3DV60 (AM) Portland43.52N 70.13W9999999999999999
44008*3DV65 (SC) Nantucket40.50N 69.23W10010010010010010091100
44009*3D27 (AM) Delaware Bay38.45N 74.70W9999999999999999Wind speed data failed 11/15/18. Wind direction failed 10/9/18. Air temperature failed 08/21/18. Dewpoint data failed 07/22/18.
44011*3DV46 (SC) Georges Bank41.07N 66.58W100100100999910089100Buoy deployed 05/11/19.
44013*3DV22 (AR) Boston42.33N 70.65W9999999999999999
440143D90 (AR) Virginia Beach36.60N 74.83W100100100100100100100100
44017*3DV26 (SC) Montauk Point40.68N 72.03W108108108100100108105108
44018*3DV45 (AM) Cape Cod42.20N 70.13W999999999999S99Water temperature data failed 4/25/18.
44020*3D86 (SC) Nantucket Sound41.48N 70.27W100100100100100589558Air temperature and dew point occasionally intermittent since 3/1/19.
44025*3D87 (AM) Long Island40.25N 73.15W99999999999999SDewpoint data failed 09/14/17.
44027*3D54 (AM) Jonesport, Me44.27N 67.28W9999999999999999
44065*3DV12 (SC) New York Harbor Entrance40.37N 73.70W10010010010010010095100Wave data ceased 04/06/19. Water temperature intermittent.
44066*3DV67 (SC) Texas Tower #439.62N 72.63W10010010010010010089100Buoy deployed 05/08/19.
45001*2.1D02 (SC) Mid Superior48.05N 87.78W10010010010010010095100
45002*3DV48 (SC) North Michigan45.33N 86.40W100100100999910093100
45003*3DV29 (AR) North Huron45.35N 82.83WNNNNNNNNBuoy recovered for Winter 11/16/18.
45004*2.3D06 (SC) East Superior47.58N 86.58W10010010010010010097100
45005*2.4D06 (SC) West Erie41.67N 82.38WNNNNNNNNBuoy recovered for Winter 11/29/18.
45006*3DV19 (AR) West Superior47.33N 89.78W99999999999999N
45007*2.3D13 (SC) South Michigan42.67N 87.02W100100100999910089100Buoy deployed for season 05/06/19.
45008*3DV13 (AM) South Huron44.28N 82.40WNNNNNNNNBuoy recovered for Winter 11/16/18.
45012*2.3D07 (SC) Lake Ontario43.62N 77.40W10010010010010010091100
46001*3DV55 (AR) Western Gulf Of Alaska56.30N 147.92WSSSSSSSSWind direction data failed due to compass failure 01/05/19. Dew Point data failed 12/04/17. Transmission outage 4/7/19.
46002*3DV57 (SC) West Oregon42.60N 130.53WSSSSSSSSBuoy adrift as of 2/9/19. Data release to GTS ceased.
46005*3D60 (SC) West Washington46.13N 131.07WSS5100100SSSWind data failed 03/30/19. Air Temp data failed 05/22/18. Dew Point data failed 01/18/18. Water Temp data failed 11/23/17. Pressure data intermittent/sporadic.
46006*3DV64 (SC) Southeast Papa40.77N 137.38W999999100100999595Water Temp data occasionally intermittent.
46011*3D28 (AM) Santa Maria34.95N 121.02W99999999999999N
46012*3D69 (AR) Half Moon Bay37.35N 122.87WSSSSSSSNPower issues, no transmits since 08/28/18.
46013*3DV39 (SC) Bodega Bay38.23N 123.30W100100100100100S97SAir Temp and Dew Point data failed 06/23/18.
46014*3D26 (SC) Pt Arena39.22N 123.97W1001001001001001009286Humidity data occasionally reports supersaturation resulting in intermittent data.
46015*3D18 (SC) Port Orford42.77N 124.83WSSSSSSSSLast transmit 12/18/18.
46022*3D42 (SC) Eel River40.70N 124.52W1001001009494S90SAir temperature and dewpoint intermittent 1/6/19.
46025*3DV40 (SC) Santa Monica Basin33.75N 119.03W10010010099991009482Dewpoint data intermittent due to occasional supersaturation.
46026*3D09 (SC) San Francisco37.75N 122.83W10010010010010010094SDewpoint data failed 07/08/18.
46027*3D24 (SC) St Georges41.83N 124.38WRRRRRRRRBuoy recovered 4/22/19.
46028*3D63 (AM) Cape San Martin35.70N 121.85WSSSSSSSNBuoy adrift 04/03/19, data release stopped. Wind data failed 4/9/18.
46029*3D57 (AM) Columbia River Bar46.13N 124.48W9999999999999999
46035*3D50 (AR) Central Bering Sea57.02N 177.73WSS999999S99NAir temperature data failed 12/02/18. Wind data failed 11/9/18.
46041*3D19 (AR) Cape Elizabeth47.35N 124.73W100100100100100100100N
46042*3D79 (AR) Monterey36.78N 122.38W100100100100100100100N
46047*3D24 (AR) Tanner Bank32.40N 119.50WSS9494949494NNew buoy deployed 05/19/19.
46050*3D30 (SC) Stonewall Bank44.67N 124.50W100100100100100SSSAir Temp and Dew Point data failed 10/3/18. Water Temperature missing since 1/1/19.
46053*3DV09 (SC) East Santa Barb34.25N 119.85W1001001001001001009361Dewpoint data is intermittent.
46054*3D81 (SC) West Santa Barb34.25N 120.47W47S47100100SSSWind Direction failed 08/21/18. Air Temp data failed 07/08/18. Dew Point data failed 11/14/17. Water Temp missing 9/5/18. Pressure data occasionally reporting intermittently since 8/6/18.
46059*3D89 (SC) West California38.08N 129.95W999999100100S92SAir temperature and dewpoint data missing 03/22/19. Water temperature intermittent.
46060*3D76 (AM) West Orca Bay60.58N 146.80W99999999999999N
46061*3D82 (AM) Seal Rocks60.23N 146.82W100100100100100100100NPrimary transmits contain timing issues. Switched to Secondary side for release to GTS.
46066*3D52 (AM) South Kodiak52.78N 155.03WSS9999999999NWind data failed 10/12/17.
46069*3D44 (AM) South Santa Rosa Is33.65N 120.22W99999999999999N
46070*3D82 (AM) Southwest Bering Sea55.07N 175.15ESSSSSSSSTransmits ceased 03/20/17.
46071*3D78 (AR) Western Aleutians51.12N 179.00ESSSSSSSNTransmits ceased 09/02/17.
46072*3D15 (AM) Central Aleutians51.67N 172.08WSS9999999999SWind data failed 03/09/19.
46073*3DV37 (AR) Southeast Bering Sea55.02N 172.00W100S100100100100100SWind Direction failed 2/4/19. Dewpoint failed 2/28/19.
46075*3D70 (AM) Shumagin Islands53.98N 160.82WSSSSSSSSTransmits ceased 01/29/19.
46076*3DV36 (AM) Cape Cleare59.50N 147.98W99SS9999SSSAir temperature, water temperature, pressure, and dewpoint data failed 12/10/17. Wind direction failed 02/23/19.
46077*3D84 (AM) Shelikof Strait57.90N 154.17W9999999999999999
46078*3D66 (AM) Albatross Bank55.55N 152.57W9999S9999SSSBarometric pressure data failed 02/18/19. Dewpoint data failed 10/12/18. Water temperature data failed 08/18/18. Air temperature data failed 3/24/19.
46080*3D62 (AM) Portlock Bank57.93N 150.03W99999999999999SDewpoint data failed 10/18/18.
46081*3D55 (AR) Western Prince William Sound60.78N 148.25W9999999696999999Waves data intermittent.
46082*3D48 (AR) Cape Suckling59.67N 143.37WSS100100100100100100Wind data failed 1/1/19.
46083*3D49 (AM) Fairweather Ground58.30N 137.98W99999999999999N
46084*3D25 (AM) Cape Edgecumbe56.62N 136.10W9999989999999999
46085*6N39 (AR) Central Gulf Of Alaska55.87N 142.48WSSSSSSSSDewpoint data failed 03/09/16. Transmits ceased 2/21/19.
46086*3DV14 (SC) San Clemente Basin32.48N 118.05W9696969595969097
460873D77 (AR) Neah Bay, Wa48.48N 124.72W100100100100100100100100New buoy deployed 05/19/19.
460883D47 (AM) (AR) New Dungeness, Wa48.32N 123.17W1001001009696100100100Wave data missing since 12/26/18.
46089*3D85 (AM) Tillamook, Or45.92N 125.77W99999999999999SDewpoint data failed 06/26/17.
51000*3DV05 (AM) Northern Hawaii One23.53N 153.77W99999999999999N
51001*3DV52 (SC) Northwestern Hawaii One24.45N 162.00W10010010010010010096100
51002*3DV50 (SC) Southwestern Hawaii17.03N 157.68WSS1009999SSSAll meteorological data except pressure failed 08/26/18. Water Temp data missing since 07/05/18.
51003*3D16 (AM) Western Hawaii19.28N 160.57WSSSSSSSNBuoy adrift as of 12/11/18, data release stopped.
51004*3D20 (SC) Southeastern Hawaii17.60N 152.35W2828289999S30SAll met data is intermittent.
51101*3DV62 (SC) Northwestern Hawaii Two24.35N 162.07W10010010010010010090100
Total Base Funded Buoys:103
Total Other Buoys:3

Total Moored Buoys:106

*Base funded station of National Weather Service (NWS); however, all stations report data to NWS.



Hull TypeAnemometer Ht.
6N6 meter NOMAD5 m
3D/3DV3 meter discus5 m
2.3D2.3 meter foam discus4 m
2.4DV2.4 meter foam discus4 m

Payload Types

  • AM - AMPS
  • SM - SMART
  • AR - ARES
  • SC - SCOOP

Example: 6N27/VE means 6-meter NOMAD buoy, hull number 27, with VEEP payload.


Percent of Data Disseminated in Real Time

StationHull No./Config and LocationLocation Lat/LongWind SpeedWind DirectionSea Level PressureWave HeightDominant Period Air TempWater TempDew PointRemark
AMAA2* (AR) East Amatuli Island Light58.90N 151.95W100100100NN100N100Station serviced 04/30/19, data restored.
AUGA2* (MA) Augustine Island, Ak59.37N 153.33W100100100NN100N100
BLIA2* (SU) Bligh Reef Light, Ak60.83N 146.88W100100100NN100NN
BURL1* (AR) Southwest Pass , La28.90N 89.42W999999NN99N99
BUZM3* (MA) Buzzards Bay,ma41.38N 71.03WSSSNNSSSTransmission outage 4/7/19.
CDRF1* (MA) Cedar Key, Fl29.13N 83.02W100100100NN100N99
CLKN7* (MA) Cape Lookout, Nc34.62N 76.52W100100100NN100N100
DBLN6* (MA) Dunkirk, Ny42.48N 79.35W989897NN97NN
DESW1* (MA) Destruction Island,wa47.67N 124.48WSSSNNSNNTransmission outage 4/7/19.
DISW3* (SU) Devils Island, Wi47.07N 90.72WSSSNNSNSTransmission outage 4/7/19.
DPIA1* (SU) Dauphin Island, Al30.25N 88.07W100100100NN100SSWater temperature data failed 10/23/09. Dew Point failed 2/7/19.
DRFA2* (MA) Drift River Terminal, Ak60.55N 152.13WSSSNNSNSTransmission outage 4/7/19.
FBIS1* (MA) Folly Island, Sc32.68N 79.88W100100100NN100N100
FFIA2* (SU) Five Fingers ,ak57.27N 133.62W100100100NN100NNStation serviced 4/24/19, data released.
FILA2* (AR) Flat Island Light59.32N 151.98W100100100NN100N100Station serviced 05/01/19, data released.
FWYF1* (MA) Fowey Rock, Fl25.58N 80.08WSSSNNSSNTransmission outage 4/7/19.
IOSN3* (SU) Isle Of Shoals, Nh42.97N 70.62W100100100NN100N100
KTNF1* (MA) Keaton Beach, Fl29.82N 83.58W100100100NN100N100
LONF1* (MA) Long Key, Fl24.83N 80.85WSSSNNSSSStation temporarily removed 03/19/19.
MDRM1* (MA) Mt Desert Rock, Me43.97N 68.12WSSSNNSNSTransmission outage 4/7/19.
MISM1* (MA) Matinicus Rock, Me43.78N 68.85WSSSNNSNSTransmission outage 4/7/19.
MLRF1* (MA) Molasses Reef, Fl25.00N 80.37WSSSNNSSNTransmission outage 4/7/19.
MRKA2* (SU) Middle Rock Light, Ak61.07N 146.65W100100100NN100NN
NWPO3* (MA) Newport, Or44.60N 124.07W100100SNN100NSBaro failed 4/17/19. Dewpoint data failed 09/27/16
PILA2* (MA) Pilot Rock, Ak59.73N 149.47W100100100NN100N100Station serviced 05/02/19, data released.
PILM4* (MA) Passage Island, Mi48.22N 88.35WSSSNNSNNTransmission outage 4/7/19.
PLSF1* (SM) Pulaski Shoals Light, Fl24.68N 82.77W100100100NN100NN
POTA2* (SU) Potato Point, Ak61.05N 146.70W100100100NN100NN
PTAC1* (MA) Point Arena, Ca38.95N 123.73WSSSNNSNNStation failed 10/17/12.
PTAT2* (MA) Port Aransas, Tx27.82N 97.05W100100100NN100100100
PTGC1* (MA) Point Arguello, Ca34.57N 120.63W100100100NN100NN
ROAM4* (MA) Rock Of Ages, Mi47.87N 89.30WSSSNNSSNTransmission outage 4/7/19.
SANF1* (SM) Sand Key, Fl24.40N 81.87WSS99NN99N99Station occasionally transmits extra messages, resulting in data counts over 100%. Wind data failed 03/09/18.
SAUF1* (MA) St. Augustine, Fl29.85N 81.25W999998NN989898Dewpoint data failed 09/15/17.
SBIO1* (MA) South Bass Island, Oh41.62N 82.83W999999NN99NNService completed, data released 4/13/19.
SGNW3* (SU) Sheboygan, Wi43.73N 87.68W100100100NN99S75Water temperature data failed 01/16/15.
SGOF1* (MA) Tyndall Afb Tower29.40N 84.85WSSSNNSNSTransmission outage 4/7/19.
SISW1* (SM) Smith Island, Wa48.32N 122.82W999999NN99N99Station occasionally transmits extra messages, resulting in data counts over 100%.
SMKF1* (SM) Sombrero Key, Fl24.62N 81.10WSS99NN99N99Wind data failed 11/26/18.
SPGF1* (SU) Settlement Point, Gbi26.70N 78.98W100100100NN100NSDewpoint data failed 06/11/17.
SRST2* (MA) Sabine Pass, Tx29.68N 94.03W474747NN47N47Data is intermittent since 04/09/19.
STDM4* (SU) Stannard Rock, Mi47.18N 87.22W100100100NN99N99
TPLM2* (MA) Thomas Point, Md38.88N 76.43W100100100NN100100100Dewpoint data intermittent.
VENF1* (AR) Venice, Fl27.07N 82.45W100100100NN100100100
WPOW1* (MA) West Point, Wa47.65N 122.43W100100100NN100N100
Total Base Funded Stations:45

Total Stations:45

*Base funded station of National Weather Service (NWS); however, all stations report data to NWS.


Payload Types

  • AR - ARES
  • DA - DACT
  • MA - MARS
  • AM - AMPS
  • VE - VEEP
  • SM - SMART

C-MAN anemometer heights are listed in the C-MAN User's Guide and on the NDBC Home Page at


  • S - Sensor/system failure.
  • E - Data under evaluation, not reported.
  • N - No sensor installed.
  • Y - Parameter reported, no percentage
  • D - Station disestablished.
  • R - Buoy recovered

*Hover over status code in table to display detail.