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Station MLSC1 - Moss Landing, South Harbor, CA

Station operated by Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Coastal Marine Station
36.802 N 121.791 W (36°48'9" N 121°47'29" W)

Site elevation: 3.05 m above mean sea level
Anemometer height: 10.4 m above site elevation

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Regional HF Radar Surface Current Observations

Station MLSC1
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Ocean Conditions at MLSC1 as of
(10:00 pm PDT on 08/20/2018)
0500 GMT on 08/21/2018:

These oceanographic data are displayed in rounded times.


Click on the graph icon in the table below to see a time series plot of the last five days of that observation.

 Depth (DEPTH): 0.0 ft
5-day plot - Ocean TemperatureOcean Temperature (OTMP):56.16 °F
5-day plot - SalinitySalinity (SAL):33.47 psu
5-day plot - Oxygen Concentration (O2PPM)Oxygen Concentration (O2PPM): 7.82 ppm
Previous observations
5-day plot - Ocean Temperature 5-day plot - Conductivity 5-day plot - Salinity 5-day plot - Oxygen Concentration (O2PCT) 5-day plot - Oxygen Concentration (O2PPM) 5-day plot - Chlorophyll 5-day plot - Turbidity 5-day plot - pH 5-day plot - Eh
08209:00 pm 0.055.53-33.47- 7.30----
08208:00 pm 0.055.29-33.48- 6.84----
08207:00 pm 0.055.47-33.47- 7.02----
08206:00 pm 0.056.19-33.47- 7.54----
08205:00 pm 0.057.52-33.47- 8.06----
08204:00 pm 0.060.01-33.47- 9.82----
08203:00 pm 0.060.21-33.47-10.63----
08202:00 pm 0.061.16-33.38-10.47----
08201:00 pm 0.060.73-33.47-10.19----
082012:00 pm 0.059.20-33.47- 9.21----
082011:00 am 0.057.36-33.47- 8.11----
082010:00 am 0.054.23-33.49- 6.47----
08209:00 am 0.053.74-33.51- 5.89----
08208:00 am 0.053.91-33.50- 6.07----
08207:00 am 0.055.09-33.42- 7.12----
08206:00 am 0.055.35-33.42- 6.55----
08205:00 am 0.055.63-33.42- 6.58----
08204:00 am 0.056.05-33.42- 6.69----
08203:00 am 0.057.49-33.41- 7.97----
08202:00 am 0.058.71-33.41- 8.10----
08201:00 am 0.060.85-33.42- 9.71----
082012:00 am 0.060.82-33.42- 9.36----
081911:00 pm 0.060.35-33.42- 9.30----
081910:00 pm 0.059.77-33.42- 9.39----

Description of Measurements

Links which are specific to this station are listed below:

Real Time Data in tabular form for the last forty-five days.

Historical Data & Climatic Summaries for quality controlled data for the current month, previous months, and previous years.