Effective Sunday, March 17, 2024, the National Weather Service National Data Buoy Center will discontinue its Dial-A-Buoy Interactive Voice Response system. For more information, see Service Change Notice 24-06 (PDF).

Station PTWW1 - Search and Rescue Data

9444900 - Port Townsend, WA
48.111 N 122.760 W (48°6'40" N 122°45'35" W)

Wind data from PTWW1 is subject to obstruction by ferries docking at the pier during the daytime hours.

Average surface winds - six hour block.

Date (UTC) Average
Wind Dir
Wind Spd
Air Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Water Temp.
2024-02-24 1800Z151841-046224840
2024-02-24 1200Z198451-046284849
2024-02-24 0600Z192356-045334856
2024-02-24 0000Z359260-045404856
2024-02-23 1800Z335160-044594860
2024-02-23 1200Z266360-044604860
2024-02-23 0600Z222160-045564859
2024-02-23 0000Z291359-052524859
2024-02-22 1800Z120760-050564857
2024-02-22 1200Z1361160-048564860
2024-02-22 0600Z1311360-049564859
2024-02-22 0000Z1131459-050594859
2024-02-21 1800Z1021260-049594860
2024-02-21 1200Z105560-046574760
2024-02-21 0600Z266260-046564859
2024-02-21 0000Z285460-047594860
2024-02-20 1800Z153260-045594759
2024-02-20 1200Z182260-042594759
2024-02-20 0600Z269460-044554759
2024-02-20 0000Z120154-046494754

The six-hour averages are calculated as follows:

  • The 0000Z average uses data from 2100Z to 0259Z.
  • The 0600Z average uses data from 0300Z to 0859Z.
  • The 1200Z average uses data from 0900Z to 1459Z.
  • The 1800Z average uses data from 1500Z to 2059Z.

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