Station CLKN7 - Search and Rescue Data

Cape Lookout, NC
34.622 N 76.525 W (34°37'18" N 76°31'30" W)

Right whales are active off NC from November to April. Speed restrictions of 10 knots apply to vessels 65 feet or greater within the vicinity of this station between November 1 and April 30. To learn more about right whales and rules protecting them, go to:

Average surface winds - six hour block.

Date (UTC) Average
Wind Dir
Wind Spd
Air Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Water Temp.
2024-06-23 0600Z22096-0806-0
2024-06-23 0000Z20696-0816-0
2024-06-22 1800Z21986-0826-0
2024-06-22 1200Z31226-0806-0
2024-06-22 0600Z16046-0786-0
2024-06-22 0000Z13786-0786-0
2024-06-21 1800Z116116-0786-0
2024-06-21 1200Z93116-0786-0
2024-06-21 0600Z97136-0786-0
2024-06-21 0000Z85116-0796-0
2024-06-20 1800Z78136-0796-0
2024-06-20 1200Z83156-0786-0
2024-06-20 0600Z105156-0776-0
2024-06-20 0000Z99166-0796-0
2024-06-19 1800Z76126-0806-0
2024-06-19 1200Z88136-0786-0
2024-06-19 0600Z112126-0786-0
2024-06-19 0000Z85136-0786-0
2024-06-18 1800Z88156-0786-0
2024-06-18 1200Z92126-0776-0

The six-hour averages are calculated as follows:

  • The 0000Z average uses data from 2100Z to 0259Z.
  • The 0600Z average uses data from 0300Z to 0859Z.
  • The 1200Z average uses data from 0900Z to 1459Z.
  • The 1800Z average uses data from 1500Z to 2059Z.

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