Station 42099 - Search and Rescue Data

Offshore St. Petersburg, FL (144)
27.349 N 84.275 W (27°20'55" N 84°16'30" W)

The highly endangered Rice's whale, a newly identified species, inhabit the northeastern Gulf of Mexico year-round along the continental shelf-break between 100m and 400m depth. Vessels can kill or injure whales - please use slow speeds and be prepared to avoid surfacing whales. To report sightings call 1-877-WHALE-HELP.

Average surface winds - six hour block.

Date (UTC) Average
Wind Dir
Wind Spd
Air Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Water Temp.
2024-04-17 1800Z--03117497411
2024-04-17 1200Z--031273127412
2024-04-17 0600Z--021272127412
2024-04-17 0000Z--021273127412
2024-04-16 1800Z--031273117312
2024-04-16 1200Z--021273127312
2024-04-16 0600Z--011272127412
2024-04-16 0000Z--011173117611
2024-04-15 1800Z--018737748
2024-04-15 1200Z--021272127312
2024-04-15 0600Z--021271127312
2024-04-15 0000Z--021273127312
2024-04-14 1800Z--021273117312
2024-04-14 1200Z--021271127212
2024-04-14 0600Z--021269127212
2024-04-14 0000Z--031269127212
2024-04-13 1800Z--041271127212
2024-04-13 1200Z--041271127212
2024-04-13 0600Z--051170127212
2024-04-13 0000Z--061272127312

The six-hour averages are calculated as follows:

  • The 0000Z average uses data from 2100Z to 0259Z.
  • The 0600Z average uses data from 0300Z to 0859Z.
  • The 1200Z average uses data from 0900Z to 1459Z.
  • The 1800Z average uses data from 1500Z to 2059Z.

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