Station 41008 - Search and Rescue Data

GRAYS REEF - 40 NM Southeast of Savannah, GA
31.400 N 80.866 W (31°24'0" N 80°51'59" W)

This buoy is located in Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

The southern third of NOAA's 22-square mile Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary has been designated a research area specifically designed for conducting controlled scientific studies where human activities cannot affect the results. Fishing and diving will be prohibited in the lightly used, 8-square mile research area. Vessels are permitted to travel through it without stopping. For complete information, go to the Gray's Reef website at Gray's Reef Research Area

LINK TO PMEL's pCO2 SITE for their data on this Station:

Right whales are active off GA from November to April. Speed restrictions of 10 knots apply to vessels 65 feet or greater within the vicinity of this station between November 15 and April 15. It is illegal to approach right whales within 500 yards. To learn more about right whales and rules protecting them, go to:

Average surface winds - six hour block.

Date (UTC) Average
Wind Dir
Wind Spd
Air Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
(Degrees F.)
Water Temp.
2024-07-24 1800Z18882021183208320
2024-07-24 1200Z20393632082368236
2024-07-24 0600Z194143632083368336
2024-07-24 0000Z166133621984368536
2024-07-23 1800Z18173621984368436
2024-07-23 1200Z19673622083368336
2024-07-23 0600Z21973622183368436
2024-07-23 0000Z174113421884348534
2024-07-22 1800Z17873622083368536
2024-07-22 1200Z21183632083368335
2024-07-22 0600Z204103622183368435
2024-07-22 0000Z161103622184368536
2024-07-21 1800Z14333622083368436
2024-07-21 1200Z22283622081368336
2024-07-21 0600Z20393622280368436
2024-07-21 0000Z19273531982358435
2024-07-20 1800Z18483621883368535
2024-07-20 1200Z21583521982358335
2024-07-20 0600Z191123622182368436
2024-07-20 0000Z20683522380358434

The six-hour averages are calculated as follows:

  • The 0000Z average uses data from 2100Z to 0259Z.
  • The 0600Z average uses data from 0300Z to 0859Z.
  • The 1200Z average uses data from 0900Z to 1459Z.
  • The 1800Z average uses data from 1500Z to 2059Z.

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