What data are available for ingest from NDBC and how frequently are they updated?

NDBC has developed the NDBC Web Data Guide to assist data consumers in determining the best option for obtaining their data while minimizing the potential load on the NDBC web farm. We recommend that you review the entire content of the Web Data Guide prior to deciding on your implementation strategy, NDBC supports numerous methods to obtain data from our web site. We highly discourage you from developing unique processes, e.g., screen scraping or accessing URLs not in this guide, to obtain our data via other methods since future development may have a negative impact on your process. We also ask that you consider the frequency of the data updates and limit your data request to conserve our bandwidth and ability to support other users. If after reviewing the Web Data Guide you still have concerns in regards to the best method or timing of data updates please contact us via the webmaster e-mail webmaster.ndbc@noaa.gov. Review the NDBC Web Data Guide.