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Station 42382 - Gunnison - Garden Banks 668

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yellow diamond Stations with recent data
red diamond Stations with no data in last 8 hours
     (24 hours for tsunami stations)

Station operated by Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Corporation
Fixed Drilling Platform
27.304 N 93.538 W (27°18'14" N 93°32'18" W)

Water depth: 960.1 m

MET data from this station is available at KGUL.

Meteorological Observations from Nearby Stations and Ships Image indicating link to RSS feed of recent meteorological observations near station 42382

Ocean Current Data for 42382

Unit of Measure:   Time Zone:   
    6:01 am CST
415.0     82 0.24
534.8     113 0.10
654.5     117 0.21
774.3     124 0.23
894.0     119 0.28
1013.8     110 0.24
1133.5     124 0.26
1253.3     120 0.24
1373.0     129 0.20
1492.8     99 0.18
1612.5     114 0.31
1732.3     115 0.25
1852.0     103 0.16
1971.8     92 0.18
2929.8     254 0.11
3049.5     301 0.13
3169.3     224 0.29

Previous (up to 48) reports of ocean current data for 42382

Ocean Current Stick Plots are available in metric units only:

Instrument 0 - 1-day plot - ocean current 1-day plot     3-day plot - ocean current 3-day plot     5-day plot - ocean current 5-day plot     

Ocean Conditions at 42382 as of
(6:01 am CST)
1201 GMT on 02/21/2017:

Note: This report is more than two hours old
Unit of Measure:    Time Zone:   

Click on the graph icon in the table below to see a time series plot of the last five days of that observation.

 Depth (DEPTH): 263.8 ft
5-day plot - Ocean TemperatureOcean Temperature (OTMP):72.52 °F
Previous observations
5-day plot - Ocean Temperature 5-day plot - Conductivity 5-day plot - Salinity 5-day plot - Oxygen Concentration (O2PCT) 5-day plot - Oxygen Concentration (O2PPM) 5-day plot - Chlorophyll 5-day plot - Turbidity 5-day plot - pH 5-day plot - Eh
02213:02 am 263.872.63--------
022112:02 am 263.872.63--------
02209:04 pm 263.872.32--------
02206:25 pm 263.872.72--------
02206:05 pm 263.872.72--------
02205:45 pm 263.872.55--------
02205:25 pm 263.872.72--------
02205:05 pm 263.872.72--------
02203:05 pm 263.872.39--------
022012:05 pm 263.872.59--------

Description of Measurements

Links which are specific to this station are listed below:

Real Time Data in tabular form for the last forty-five days.

Historical Data & Climatic Summaries for quality controlled data for the current month, previous months, and previous years.

Raw ADCP data files are available for this station.