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NDBC Partner Status - Report Legend

Central Eastern WesternOcean

Program Codes Evaluation Symbols
At the completion of each day's analysis this report will be updated._*Some symbols
are meant for use by the NDBC DAC and may not appear in the saved report.
BPI BP Incorporated
CAC Caribbean Integrated COOS Daily Evaluation _(all station data)
CAR CARO-COOPS * Quality Checked:_Any problems are noted elsewhere.
CBI Chesapeake Bay Interpretive X Quality Checked:_No usable data.
CGM Coast Guard Marine Reporting Stations -- Data reports expected_None received.
CIC CICORE i Data reports expected:_Intermittent.
CMO Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction   Data reports not expected or under evaluation.   Ocean Page
COE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers    
COM COMPS NWSTG Met Status _(all station data) Web Status (all Ocean data)
CPD Chicago Park District Release Station data set for release. Ocean data set for release.
CRM CORMPS NR Station data set to not release. Ocean data set to not release.
DSL Dauphin Island Sea Lab    
EPA US EPA & Mexican Gov't Cooperative Ob Freq _(expected data reports) Met Sta  "No" Indicates
EVG Everglades National Park blank Hourly data reports.   No  station sends
FIT Florida Institute of Technology x Other:__6m = every_6 minutes;_30m = every_30 minutes;
_______2hr = every_two hours;_3hr = every_three hours;
_______vrbl = variable or no reports near minutes 00 or 30.
 only Ocean data
ICO Integrated Coral Observing Network    messages.
LIM LimnoTech
LOP Louisiana Offshore Oil Port Status by Sensor Groups _(by sensor data, see codes) Sensor Codes
LSU LSU WAVCIS blank Sensor data set for release to NWSTG. BA BARO
LUM LUMCON D Sensor data flagged:_Do not release. AT ATMP
MAK Marine Exchange of Alaska D# WTMP data not reliable (heaters in use):_Do not release. DP DEWPT
MBA MBARI m Sensor data expected:_Missing data. WD WDIR
MTU Michigan Technical University i Sensor data expected:_Intermittent data. WS WSPD
MYS MYSOUND - Sensor data not expected. GT GUST
NEA Northeastern Regional Assn COOS E Sensor data to be evaluated further. WV WVHGT
NEQ NERRS Water Quality @ Special condition._Do not fail sensor data without PD DOMPD
NER National Estuarine Research Reserve System __concurrence from Partner. WT WTMP
NMF National Marine Fisheries Service ** Frequently reports without DOMPD, WVHGT < 0.25 m. TD TIDE
NOS National Ocean Service/CO-OPS VS VISIB
NWA National Weather Service Alaskan Region New item RD Radiation
NWC National Weather Service Central Region *    Indicates a change in status from previous evaluation. OC Ocean Data
NWE National Weather Service Eastern Region **    Same as "*", but also includes a database issue. See Ocean page
OOI Ocean Observatories Initiative
ORC OR-COOS Verified on their Web Site Ocean Codes
PET Petrobras USA Y Yes._Same condition is on their web site. OT Temperature
PRS Puerto Rico Seismic Network N No._Condition differs from NDBC data set. SAL Salinity
RSC Regional Science Consortium na No web site or unable to access their web site. O2% % Oxygen
SBU Stony Brook University O2d Dissolved O2
SCR Scripps CDIP CHL Chlorophyll
SGP Sea Grant Purdue TRB Turbidity
SHA Shell Arctic PH pH 
SHL Shell Oil DCP Current Profile
TAB TABS CM Ocean Current
UAF University of Alaska, Fairbanks National Data Buoy Center
UMC University of Michigan CILER