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TAO performance improves after second service cruise.

What's New at the NDBC Web Site?

For News about the Tropical Atmosphere-Ocean Array (TAO), please go to:


  • June - TAO Performance Improves - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has successfully completed the second of six cruises scheduled for this calendar year to service the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) array in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. For additional information, please view the following link:



  • April - NDBC Launches Glider - NDBC has deployed the National Weather Service's (NWS) first operational Wave Glider on April 13, 2011 to monitor real-time atmospheric conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. More...

  • February - NDBC Web Widget. You can now display recent observations from your favorite station on your own web page. Go to the NDBC widget page, select your station and display options, then copy the generated HTML and paste it into your page to show recent observations in an iframe.


  • September - Buoy 46023 has been disestablished as of September 08, 2010 - there will be no further observations from this buoy. The sponsor had elected to not continue funding the station. Buoy 46011 (Santa Maria, CA, 46011), which is currently located eleven (11) nautical miles from 46023, is the closest active NDBC buoy. Historical data for 46023 can be found at:

  • August - NDBC establishes a new tsunameter station in the South Pacific, 32413. It replaces South Pacific tsunameter station, 51406. However, 51406 will continue to report until it becomes non-operational.

  • July - NOAA's National Ocean Service assumes responsibility for meteorological observations at Lake Worth, FL (LKWF1 C-MAN station).

  • June - NDBC ADCPs are now quality controlled using automated methods. Historical and forty-five day files beginning 1 June 2010 are available in a new format that contains more QC information. The forty-five day files in the old format will be resident until approximately 15 July 2010.

  • April - Station 42007 has been disestablished, but station 42040 has been re-established approximately 60 nm south of 42007's nominal position.

  • March - NDBC has updated the Climatic Summaries for all active and historical NDBC stations. The summaries were last updated in 2002. The present update includes data through the year 2008 or the last year of the station's operation. Summary tables and plots are published on the NDBC website and may be viewed via links near the bottom of each station page. A description of the tables and plots can be found at

  • January - QuikSCAT surface wind data are no longer available (see for more information). Links and the map pages have been removed. An alternative is the webpage for Ocean Vector Surface Winds of the Advanced Scatterometer, at:


  • December - Tsunameter Station 23401, owned and maintained by the Thailand Meteorological Department in conjunction with National Disaster Warning Center of the Kingdom of Thailand, has been re-established. Real-time data are available at:

  • December - The National Ocean Service's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services has agreed to support NDBC at Lake Worth (LKWF1) with the addition of meteorological sensors as it reestablishes the National Water Level Observation Network station at this site. We anticipate the station will be installed by February 2010.

  • December - Dec. 26, 2009 Marks Five Years Since Sumatra Indonesia Tsunami Killed 230,000; NOAA Highlights Achievements, Urges People to Take Quick Action When a Tsunami Threatens. Click here for more information and NDBC's role in the NOAA Achievements.

  • December - NDBC now provides Tsunameter Station Metadata in a downloadable format and users can subscribe to an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service to automatically receive notices of updates. The Metadata page is available at:

  • For information on RSS, see

  • December - URLs containing 'Maps' must now use 'maps'. If you are using a URL containing 'Maps', change the uppercase 'M' to a lowercase 'm'. For example, is now

  • December - NDBC stopped supporting outdated links on December 1, 2009. Click here for more information.

  • November - Discontinued project. Station SUPN6, Superior Shoals, NY, has been disestablished. Historical data are available here.

  • October - Discontinued project. Station ABAN6, Alexandria Bay, NY, has been disestablished. Historical data are available here.

  • October - Discontinued project. Station 42040 has been disestablished. Historical data are available here.

  • October - NDBC is now providing Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files which contain platform locations, recent observations (if available) and other information. The KML files are available either by Program or by Owner and can be viewed using applications such as Google Earth or NASA Whirlwind. Click here to access the kml links.

  • September - Discontinued project. Station THIN6, Thousand Islands Bridge NY, has been disestablished. Historical data are available here.

  • August - NDBC will stop supporting outdated links on December 1, 2009. Click here for more information.

  • August - CarICOOS becomes latest IOOS partner! The Caribbean Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing System (CarICOOS, has deployed a buoy south of Caja de Muertos Island, which is southeast of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Data from the buoy are reported as Station 42085. CarICOOS is the observing arm of the Caribbean Regional Association for Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing (CaRA,

  • July - NDBC Involved with NOAA Effort to Study Ocean Currents near Former Munitions Disposal Sites in Hawaii. Click here for more information.

  • July - NOAA asks mariners to safeguard Pacific data buoys. See the NOAA press release at:

  • July - NDBC has added the Coast Guard Light List Numbers (LLNR) for buoys to each buoy's station page, if the Coast Guard (CG) has assigned an LLNR to a buoy. The LLNR is also a hyperlink to the CG Navigation Center homepage with access to each CG District's current Light List. The Light Lists describe the lights, sound signals, buoys, daybeacons, and other aids to navigation. If the buoy is a dual purpose Aid to Navigation (ATON), the name of the ATON has also been added to the station page. This not only helps the CG and other mariners correlate NDBC buoys to ATON in the Light List Publications, but helps quickly identify drifters in broadcast notice to mariners.

  • July - NDBC has created mobile device accessible web pages so you can get current marine observations on your mobile device.

  • June - Discontinued project. Station 51028, Christmas Island, has been disestablished. Historical data for 51028 are available here.

  • June - Station 44004, HOTEL, has been disestablished and replaced by 44066, which is about 120 nm northwest of 44004's nominal position. 44004's historical data are available here.

  • May - Updated firmware includes new DART messages, click here for more information.

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