10:06 PM Tuesday March 31
W2overnight, south winds 10 knots or less.W2 partly cloudy.W2 waves in ice free areas 2 feet or less.W2 wednesday, southwest winds 10 knots or less becoming variable.W2 mostly sunny.W2 waves 2 feet or less.W2 wednesday night, east winds 10 knots or less becoming south.W2 partly cloudy.W2 waves 2 feet or less.W2 thursday, south winds 10 to 20 knots becoming southwest.W2 increasing clouds.W2 a chance of rain showers in the afternoon.W2 waves 1 to 3 feet.W2 waves are for ice free areas.W2 see lake erie open lakes forecast for friday through sunday.W2 the water temperature off toledo is 35 degrees, off cleveland 34 degrees and off erie 34 degrees.W2