4:00 PM AKST Saturday December 20
W2.gale warning this evening, tonight, east wind 35 knots becoming south in the evening, then becoming southeast 20 knots late.W2 seas 15 feet subsiding to 11 feet late.W2 rain early in the evening.W2 sunday, east wind 15 knots becoming south in the afternoon.W2 seas 11 feet.W2 southwest swell.W2 sunday night, southwest wind increasing to 20 knots late.W2 seas 11 feet building to 13 feet late.W2 southwest swell.W2 rain showers in the evening.W2 monday, south wind 15 knots.W2 seas 14 feet.W2 southwest swell.W2 monday night, east gale to 40 knots.W2 seas 18 feet.W2 rain.W2 tuesday, east gale to 40 knots.W2 seas 19 feet.W2 wednesday, south wind 20 knots.W2 seas 9 feet.W2 thursday, southeast wind 20 knots.W2 seas 11 feet.W2