4:00 AM AKDT Saturday August 29
W2today, southeast wind 20 knots diminishing to 10 knots in the afternoon.W2 higher gusts out of cross sound in the morning.W2 seas 7 feet.W2 west swell in the morning.W2 showers and isolated thunderstorms in the morning.W2 tonight, south wind 15 knots.W2 higher gusts out of cross sound late.W2 seas 7 feet.W2 showers and slight chance of thunderstorms.W2 sunday, southeast wind 10 knots becoming northwest 25 knots in the afternoon.W2 seas 6 feet building to 8 feet in the afternoon.W2 rain.W2 sunday night, northwest wind 30 knots.W2 seas 14 feet.W2 showers.W2 monday, northeast wind 25 knots.W2 seas 12 feet.W2 tuesday, north wind 15 knots.W2 seas 6 feet.W2 wednesday, west wind 10 knots.W2 seas 5 feet.W2