3:57 PM Monday November 24
W2SYNOPSIS, LOW PRESSURE INCHES JUST SOUTH OF JAMES BAY WILL CONTINUE TO PULL AWAY TO THE NORTHEAST.W2 A STRONG COLD FRONT ASSOCIATED WITH THE LOW IS BISECTING LAKE ERIE AND WILL MOVE ACROSS THE EAST END EARLY THIS EVENING.W2 A TROUGH AVERAGING INCHES WILL ROTATE SOUTHEAST ACROSS THE LAKES TUESDAY.W2 HIGH PRESSURE 3030 INCHES WILL MOVE ACROSS THE OHIO VALLEY TUESDAY NIGHT.W2 LOW PRESSURE 3000 INCHES WILL MOVE TO THE CENTRAL LAKES WEDNESDAY EVENING DRAGGING ANOTHER COLD FRONT ACROSS LAKE ERIE THURSDAY.W2 A RIDGE AVERAGING 3040 INCHES WILL MOVE EAST OVER THE LAKE ON FRIDAY.W2 LEZ162>164-250300.W2 LAKE ERIE OPEN WATERS FROM MAUMEE BAY TO RENO BEACH.W2 LAKE ERIE OPEN WATERS FROM RENO BEACH TO THE ISLANDS.W2 LAKE ERIE OPEN WATERS FROM THE ISLANDS TO VERMILION.W2 , gale warning in effect through tuesday morning, , low water advisory in effect until 4 pm tuesday, tonight, southwest gales to 40 knots diminishing to 30 knots after midnight.W2 a chance of rain showers this evening, then a chance of snow showers after midnight.W2 waves 6 to 9 feet subsiding to 5 to 7 feet.W2 tuesday, southwest winds to 30 knots becoming west 15 to 25 knots.W2 a chance of flurries in the morning.W2 waves 5 to 7 feet subsiding to 3 to 5 feet.W2 tuesday night, west winds 10 to 20 knots diminishing to 10 knots or less.W2 waves 1 to 3 feet subsiding to 1 foot or less.W2 wednesday, west winds less than 10 knots.W2 waves 1 foot or less.W2 wednesday night, light and variable winds becoming northwest 5 to 10 knots.W2 waves 2 feet or less.W2 thursday, west winds 10 to 20 knots becoming northwest.W2 a chance of snow showers.W2 waves 1 to 3 feet.W2 friday, west winds 5 to 15 knots becoming south.W2 waves 1 to 3 feet.W2 saturday, south winds 10 to 15 knots becoming southwest.W2 a chance of rain showers.W2 waves 2 feet or less.W2