National Weather Service Marquette MI
3:59 PM Monday October 23.
occasional wave height is the average of the highest 1/10 of the wave spectrum. synopsis, a low pressure trough of 29.7 inches over eastern lake superior this evening will exit across southern ontario tonight. the trough will then give way to low pressure of 29.4 inches organizing over saginaw bay tonight. as this low lifts north to eastern upper michigan on tuesday morning, it will rapidly deepen to 28.9 inches. the low will then meander across the northern lake huron shoreline on tuesday night as it weakens to 29.3 inches. as the low weakens further on wednesday while lifting toward southern quebec, a 29.7 inch high pressure ridge will reach lake superior. another low pressure at 29.4 inches over the northern plains wednesday evening will track east, reaching the upper great lakes on thursday night. this low will move across the upper great lakes and weaken to 29.7 inches over southern ontario on friday night. a 30.1 inch ridge will then shift over the upper great lakes on saturday.